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So Many Compliments on ME!

A question I receive quite often is; "Are most your customers individuals going through chemo?". A valid question but the answer is absolutely no.

I have individuals who come into my shop for all different reasons. Naming a few includes: Thinning Hair, Cancer Treatment, Phasing to a New Hair Color, Needing a Change without the Commitment to a New Hair Cut and so on...

The truth is Wigs and Toppers are great solutions for so many different situations. Below you'll find a story written by one of my customers which is a great example of just that!

Check it out!


"Buying a wig is the smartest thing I've ever done.

I have good, thick hair. But I can't style it very well. I always spent so much time fussing with my hair, I was always late. Everywhere.

I decided to buy a wig. One that was close to my hair color and very stylish. I get so many compliments on ME, with my new short hair.

I'm dressed in no time and arrive everywhere on time. Overall, I look better than I did with my own hair. And I feel pretty."


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