Kailee as in the "K" in K's Wig Shop :) 

She is all about her 2 boys, Steele and Axel and is still head over heel's for her man Daniel, husband for over 9 years!

She is a clogger (as in the dance not to be confused with toilets or wooden shoes).

She absolutely loves being outdoors and enjoys all outdoor recreation. Rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, camping, you name it!



Daniel is the backbone of K's Wig Shop :) He does so much for the business it's not even funny!


He's adores his wife and is probably the greatest dad alive! His family is everything to him.

He can make just about anyone laugh! 

He loves having fun outdoors and is a very talented photographer and videographer. 



Maureen started out as one of our clients and because the stars aligned she is now our first employee! 

She has 4 children 14 grandchildren and 4 greats! Family is the most important thing to her! 

She enjoys spending time with her friends and is very involved with her community and church. 

Some of her hobbies are 4x4 wheeling, crocheting and "being strikingly beautiful and has a great sense of humor!"



Josie joined us in 2021 and is now a wig and topper consultant. :) She is excited to help all those who come in and sit in our chair.  


She is a bright light and breath of fresh air! She loves paddle boarding, her family and school.

She is currently working on her degree in school and excited to see where it takes her!