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Keirjsten's Story

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

My name is Keirjsten Adams. I am married to my best friend Jim and we have three beautiful daughters. In October 2019, at age 42, my well-organized life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer and tested positive for the BRCA2 gene. At the time of my diagnosis I was Stage 2A. After a bilateral mastectomy and a PET scan a small breast cancer tumor was found on one of my ribs and I was immediately upgraded to Stage 4.

I’m currently under going chemotherapy which is how I found K’s wig shop. One of my biggest concerns about chemotherapy was losing my hair, not because of how I would look but how I knew it would affect my daughters. It was important to me that they felt some sense of normalcy during this completely abnormal experience our little family was about to go through. It was also important to me that they felt included in my decision to wear a wig. I wanted it to be a fun experience so my husband suggested that I make it a girls night out. I brought them with me to my appointment and we had an amazing time. Kailee was so fun. Each of my girls picked out a different wig for me to try on and at the end Kailee let each of them try a wig on. The experience was so fun that my girls didn’t see anything awkward about a wig. In fact they thought it was super cool.

 Losing my hair was hard. I kept my head covered during the “ugly” stages of fall out. Showing my girls my bald head was especially difficult. There were lots of tears. But, they were excited for me to wear the wig that they had picked out. The first time I put it on one of them said, “Mom, it’s like you don’t have cancer, and everything is ok."


I can’t change the fact that I have cancer but with a positive attitude and a fantastic wig ;) ;) I can help my daughters feel like everything is ok.

Thank you Kailee for helping to make that possible!


Make Up Courtesy of: Bailey Schiess Styles

Wig: Drew by Jon Renau in color 6F27

Watch below to see Keirjsten and her daughters talk about her story, THEIR SMILES ARE CONTAGIOUS :)

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