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Toni's Personal Story

We invited our customers to share their personal stories about their

Hair Journey with you! Whether it be about hair loss, thinning hair or they just enjoy having alternative hair.

Our main purpose in this is; we want to help those who are experiencing hair loss or who are considering alternative hair to feel supported and know that you are NOT ALONE. By sharing their stories with you we hope you can feel courage and hope!

Every month one new story will be featured on our website. So be sure to keep in contact with us.

Any now without further-ado we are pleased to present Toni's Personal Story!

Thank you Toni :)


I started thinning out about 10 years ago. It was so hard to see because I had thick curly hair. It is so hard to look into a mirror and see my scalp.

One time my father-in-law said, "You have hardly any hair on top of your head." I just smiled. I felt so bad. I don't think he said it to hurt me.

I even lost 40 lbs, went down 6 sizes and all I could see is my scalp and how ugly I looked.

So I decided to go to K's and get my first wig. I cried!! I felt so pretty. She has me a customer for life.

-Toni Child


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