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Linda's Story

My name is Linda Webb and for many, many years, I have suffered from continued hair loss. I

started losing my hair after my first daughter was born. Over time I “Just Accepted” and learned

to “Live With It”.

A few months ago I read a post on FaceBook from my friend Maureen Chandler about the birth

of her great grandkids - twins a boy & girl! I noticed a lot of comments on how cute Maureen’s

hair was. I too commented on how wonderful she looked! She messaged me and told me she

was wearing a topper, I was so surprised and delighted to know that. She looked wonderful!

Maureen told me she worked at K’s Wig Shop in Ogden, Utah. She asked me if I would like to

come up and at least try on a wig to see how I felt about it. I let her know I would think about it.

I was still on the fence about wearing a wig. I was afraid of what people would say to me. As I

thought about it more and more I realized it was something that I wanted to try for me. I still

wasn’t sure about it, but I made an appointment to see Maureen and it is the best thing I have

ever done for myself!

When I arrived at the shop I felt right at home. Maureen greeted me warmly (we have known

each other for about 20 years). It was so good to see her. We went back to a private room to

start the process of trying on different wigs. I tried 3 different wigs on and I loved all three. I

couldn’t believe how the wigs made me feel so beautiful. It has been a long time since I felt that

way. I got one wig that day and wore it home. I had to go to my beautician to have her cut my

hair because it was too long and I was anxious to show her. She was astounded at how good

the wig made me look, it matched my skin tone perfectly. I also had ordered one more wig that I

would pickup in a few weeks.

I work in a Walmart Neighborhood Market so I am around people all day and was a little

nervous about the response I would get the next day when I went to work with my new wig on. I

was so delighted by the response from my co-workers and all the customers. Everyone has

been so surprised by how good I look. I get comments like “It makes you look at least 10 years

younger”! I was told how beautiful I looked and it was very flattering to me. I have been on

cloud 9 for weeks now.

I went today to pick up my new wig and Maureen took the time to fit it on me and we discussed

which way the bangs should go and it also looks amazing on me. I can’t be happier. As soon

as I got home I posted a new FaceBook picture and the response was amazing, everyone loves

the new look too.

I am so happy Maureen talked me into coming to her K’s Wig Shop, it has made such a

difference in my life forever!

Thanks Maureen I love you!

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