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K's Story

Kailee and Daniel have been the owners of K’s Wig Shop since October 2016 and have professionally worked with wigs since 2012. However, Kailee has been working with those who have hair loss as long as she can remember.


Her mother Debra Lynn is a breast cancer survivor of over 24 years and is the owner of Debra Lynn’s Post-Mastectomy Specialties; which is a business that provides items for women who have undergone any type of breast cancer. Kailee was only 5 years old when her mother started working with breast cancer survivors, she has learned the importance of listening, being compassionate and the need for a shoulder to lean on. These are a few of the valuable qualities that have been handed down from her strong mother.


“I find it very humbling to be working with these amazingly strong individuals and I only hope that I can brighten someone’s day that enters into my shop. Ever since I was a kid I’ve seen these wonderful women come into my mother’s life through her business and I have always looked up to them on how supportive they are to one another. Now that I own K's Wig Shop I have become a part of that support team and I have developed many friendships with the most influential women. They remind me how precious each day is and how your outlook on life can change even the most difficult circumstances."


"Daniel and I hope to teach our 3 beautiful boys how important it is to recognize other's needs and by helping them ultimately we are the ones receiving. Thank you to you all who have been a tremendous gift in our lives.”

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