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Shauna's Topper Journey

As you may have found out from our previous blog, we have asked our customers to share their personal stories about wearing hair WITH YOU!

Our main purpose in this is; we want to help those who are experiencing hair loss or who are considering alternative hair to feel supported and know that you are NOT ALONE. By sharing their stories with you we hope you can feel courage and hope!

I am proud to present Shauna Havey's story! A huge thank you to Shauna for sharing her inspiring story with us, thanks Shauna!


"I started losing my hair at age 27 after I had my first baby. I always had thick hair and it just fell out in droves. I realized then how much a woman's hair means to her identity. I began my crazy search for doctors and some miracle cure that I already knew in my heart didn't exist. I was diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia and low thyroid. I used Rogaine and a couple of other methods and my loss stabilized for a while, though my hair was never the same.

This last year, I made a commitment to get healthier and I lost a lot of weight. I do think the stress of substantial weight loss took a heavy toll on my hair and I had a big shed. What I had left was very limp and lifeless. Nobody thought of me as bald, but I knew my friends could see that my hair was thin. I was using tons of products to poof up what I had and I lived with it the best I could.

A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to be on a Food Network TV show (I am a cook as a hobby). The show was going to be filmed outside in the July heat in California. I knew that my hair would have to be pulled back and that my tiny ponytail was just not going to cut it. I had to be at my most confident for this opportunity that meant so much to me. I finally decided that I wanted to start wearing a topper.

I didn't know of your shop at that time and went to a competitor. To be quite honest, had I not already been researching alternative hair for the last year, I would have been lost there. Basically I used their color samples to pick my color and that was the extent of the help I got there. I left the shop not knowing how to care for my hair, what products to use, or anything. Still, I felt like a new person wearing that hair. I had a full head of hair for the first time in so long and it felt fabulous.

I walked into your shop two days before I left for that TV show after finding you online. I had worn my hair for a week and it was a frizzy mess because I hadn't taken care of it properly due to my lack of knowledge on proper care. You were so friendly and willing to help. You not only fixed my hairpiece for me, but you instructed me on how to do it myself. When I walked into the meet and greet the night before the filming, I felt like my best self. Most of all, I had hope that I could actually make this topper thing work for me.

Since then, I've worn my topper every day and I'll never go back. Not one person has suspected a thing about my new hair. Everyone at work just thought I got a color and cut. I've worn my hair on vacation, during presentations, to my kid's school, and everywhere in between.

If I could give other women advice, I would tell them that losing your hair is not the end of the world, though I so understand that right now you may feel like it is. What was once devastating for me, is now something I am completely at ease with. My synthetic hair is so much better than my real hair ever was! My only regret is not doing this for myself sooner.

I would tell them that hairpieces and wigs are not what they used to be. The technology is so impressive, it will surprise you. There is a learning curve, just like there is for learning how to do a smoky eye shadow look or winged eye-liner! You get better as you go, but it's totally doable. Wearing hair is also very affordable.

I would tell women not try to get your first wig or topper on your own. Having a place like K's Wig Shop to help you chose the right option for you will make all the difference. Do some reading online to learn about synthetic hair versus human and the pros and cons. Read about wigs versus hairpieces to see where you might be at with that. If you are armed with a little knowledge before you go in, they can help you with all the details and you will walk away with something that works for your needs. Best of all, you're just a normal person with a hair loss issue and they understand that and treat you that way.

My heartfelt thanks to K's Wig Shop for the wonderful life-changing service. I'm a customer for life!


Shauna Havey

I've attached some pictures of me with my new hair :)"

At the office with my new hair

Me at my TV meet and greet

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