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Have you ever wondered how to take care of your topper? This pacakge has EVERYTHING I reccomend and is needed to take optimal care of your new hair. Check out the list below to know how to use these premium items.

PLUS you receive the BRUSH  for FREE when you purchase it!

Trust me, your hair will thank you :)



  • Styrofoam Head: Style your New Hair on me! Remember NEVER Apply Heat to your New Hair, Including Opening the Oven Door While Wearing it! :)


  • 4 Pins: Pin Me onto your Styrofoam Head, pinning on you clips of your New Hair!


  •    Shampoo: Use me to Clean your New Hair and Cap. After I’m Massaged in, Rinse me out with Warm Water!


  • Restore Conditioning Spray: Spray Me All Over your New Hair after It’s been Shampooed, I Act as a Leave-In Conditioning Spray! 


  •  Holding Spray: Hello, I’m your New Hairspray!


  •  Luster Spray: I Restore Shine Back to your New Hair, HOORAY!


  • Wide Tooth Comb: Use me and ONLY ME, to Comb your New Hair. Start from the Ends and Work your Way Up To the Roots.


  • White Styling Brush: Use me for Styling NOT Combing, My Pointy End is Helpful Too

K's Premium Package for Synthetic Topper


Please see the Review Section on the Check Out Screen for Details

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