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Have you ever wondered how to take care of your wig?

This pacakge has EVERYTHING I reccomend and is needed to take optimal care of your new hair. Check out the list below to know how to use these premium items.

PLUS you receive the ROUND BRUSH for FREE when you purchase it!

Trust me, your hair will thank you :)



  • Canvas Head: Blow Dry and Style your New Hair on me!


  • 4 Pins: Pin Me onto your Canvas Head at the 2 Temples and Bottom of your New Hair!


  • Wig Clamp: Clamp Me to your Now Designated Hair Styling Counter!


  • Wig Stand: Let your Cap Air Dry on Me, I Help Prevent Stretching Out your Cap!


  • Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo: Use me to Clean your New Hair and Cap. After I’m Massaged in, Rinse me out with Warm Water!


  • Argan Smooth Luxury Conditioner: Massage me into your New Hair, from Mid-Length down to Ends. Leave me in for 5-8 Mins so I can do My Magic, then Rinse with Cold Water!


  • Argan Smooth Oil Treatment Mist: Spray me 3-5x’s onto your New Hair after it’s been Shampooed and Conditioned AND Before Heat is Applied!


  • Pure Repair Restoring Balm: Use me as a deep conditioner every month! Just apply me mid-length down after your wig has been Shampooed & Conditioned. Let me sit for up to 20 mins and rinse out with cool water. I'll leave your hair feeling heavenly!


  • Round Brush: I’m Great at Styling your Freshly Washed Hair!


  • Paddle Brush: Use me to Keep your New Hair Tangle Free!


  • Wide Tooth Comb: Put me in your Purse to Keep your New Hair in Check!


  • Net Wig Liner: I Keep your Natural Hair Hidden and I Provide a Soft Layer on your Head :)


  • Velvet Grip Band: Put me on Directly Under your Wig with my Tag on Your Left Side, I Promise to Keep your Wig in Place :)


  • It Stays Glue: Apply me anywhere Under your Cap, then Put the Cap on your Head, Gently Press Down to Attach to your Head. I Promise to Keep your New Hair in Place ALL DAY and to NOT Cause Damage to your Own Hair. To Remove me, Just Dampen me with Water and Watch me Come Off!


K's Premium Package for Human Hair Wig


Please see the Review Section on the Check Out Screen for Details

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