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Synthetic Wig

Synthetic Wig Care

Synthetic Wig

Watch the Video:
"Wig 101"

Synthetic Wig

Watch the Video:
"How To Wash Your Wig"


    No Heat (including ovens while baking)
    No Combing While the Wig is Wet
    No Human Hair Product
Synthetic Wig

When to Wash?

Synthetic Wig

It's best to wash your wig once a week if you're wearing it on a regular basis or once a month if you're wearing it every now and then.

Do You Need Product?

Having the right product is KEY! Click below to purchase your essential products made specifically for your Synthetic Wig.

Synthetic Wig

Need Help?

I can always help you with any styling, washing or product needs!

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to schedule your appointment!

Synthetic Wig
Synthetic Wig

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Synthetic Wig

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